Algeria’s turn

God is working on Egypt.

People stayed up all night standing in tight clusters, in rapt conversation. They screamed in joy for hours on end. A bunch of folks danced down the road against traffic (which really wasn’t going anywhere), drawing a giant flag over the tops of the cars, blessing them with the symbol of the holy nation of Egypt.

As dawn broke, the celebration finally started to wind down, and people staggered exhausted to their homes. They waved flags and kissed soldiers and knew that the nightmare had ended. All over the world people celebrated, in shawarma joints and dorm rooms and mosques and parks.

Now attention turns to Algeria, where a march has started despite extreme police presence. In Algeria, the regime knows that if the celebration breaks out, their own party will be over. They deployed an “enormous police presence” to make sure nobody gets carried away.

Some people are trying to get Egypt back to work, but it appears a sabbath has been called. I reckon we should all take the day to pray and reflect on how we might support this explosion of liberty.

I’ll write more on Sunday, which is the start of the Arab work week. More will be clear then.

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